Girls’ basketball finishes week on high note

by E. Charles Quimby

IPSWICH — The girls’ varsity basketball team finished the week on a high note. Coming off their previous win against Rockport, the Tigers started off the week playing Triton on Tuesday, January 31.

The game saw Ipswich dominate the court yet again, with guard Lucy Donahue powering the team to victory.

Aided and abetted by her unmatched aim, she racked up more points than the entire Triton team, scoring 33 in total — a career high for her.

Finishing the game, Ipswich came out on top with a winning score of 54-30. The Tiger’s next game was not so glorious, however, although the Thursday night game against Lynnfield was a close one.

Ipswich played strong throughout the game and maintained good control of the ball, but the Pioneer’s defense left them unable to score.

Ultimately, the game ended with the Pioneers on top and a final score of 43-32, but the Tigers’ game on Friday night saw Ipswich come roaring back.

Hosting Hamiltion-Wenham, the game saw much teamwork and skill, with captain Izzie Wetter helping to pass and score over the Generals.

Emma Campbell in action during the Hamilton-Wenham game on Friday

Ella Stein also played well, and with a combined full-team effort, the Tigers were able to raise the score to 24-19 by halftime.

Continuing strong, the Ipswich defense was able to repel the many attempts by the Generals to score. In the end, Ipswich ended the game with a win, scoring 42-35 over Hamiltion-Wenham. 

It was a “nice bounce-back win after last night’s disaster,” coach Chris Tolios said. Lucy Donahue led the way with 21 points, followed by “a great performance” from Stein with 12.



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