Service Dog Column: How could I forget?

by Carlene White

Week 12: I forgot!

How could I forget to send in a column? Let me tell you.

I had a lot of Great Danes in the house overnight.

The eight Christmas puppies are doing wonderfully. But it was too cold to leave them out long enough to get exhausted, so they were very active. Those eight have the garden suite of condo and deck. But the house took a beating.

Olivia and her nine pups are in what was the kitchen/dining room. Unfortunately, that did not get organized so she could get away from the pups if she did not want to feed them. So, she needs a sofa moved in there that the pups cannot get up on yet.

And the pups are still young enough to need a puppy-sitter within range in case she sits on one.

Bridget got her tail caught in the door and had to have part of it cut off. She did not like the bandaging, so that needed redoing every hour until we discovered bitter apple.

Lackhey has an upset tummy. A Great Dane with an upset tummy is to be handled with great care … and a lot of absorbent material.

Bentley is aging and needs a lift periodically — or, alternately, a bath.

Sizzle and Jiminy are fine.

But then we have Alexa, who was inadvertently involved in a doggie traffic jam in the feed room and got at least one laceration that needed a few stitches. She was assigned to a penned-off area with a love seat and was slightly drunk from coming out of anesthesia after getting sewed up.

At one point, I yelled, “Alexa, Jesus Christ, will you get on that sofa!”

And with that, Alexa — the computer Alexa — started blaring “Jesus Christ Superstar.”

So someone yelled “Alexa, off!” … and the dog Alexa, whom I had just got ON the sofa, got OFF the sofa.
And so I forgot to send the Ipswich Local News a column.


Carlene White is founder and president of the non-profit Service Dog Project on Boxford Road in Ipswich. She trains and raises Great Danes to donate to the mobility impaired. Read more of her columns here.



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