6 things you should know about land surveying

What is land surveying? This is the process of determining properties boundaries and documenting them on a survey plat. These surveys are used to decide where to build new roads, subdivisions, or other construction projects. If you are thinking about buying property, getting a professional opinion from an experienced land surveyor before signing any contracts would be wise. Here are things you should know about land surveying.

Land Surveying Has More Importance Than Imagined

Surveying is the only way to determine precisely where property boundaries are located. This is more important than you might think. Without a survey plat, there would be no clear demarcation between properties, which can cause problems when trying to sell or buy land in an area with multiple owners.

Also, it’s not enough to have your survey. You should make sure all the adjacent properties have a professional land survey to ensure that there are no inconsistencies between them.

Land Surveying is a Trustworthy Profession

Most land surveyors are trustworthy professionals who have been thoroughly vetted by state licensing boards before becoming licensed to do surveying work for the public. If you are looking for someone to conduct surveys on your property, check here for the available options. When looking for surveyors, you should be sure that they are licensed by the state in which they work.

This is a crucial way to protect yourself from scams and other problems. If someone tells you they do not need a license, this means they are probably not legitimate, since licensing laws exist for your protection as well as theirs. Ensure that the professional you choose is licensed and has a good record of satisfied customers.

Land Surveying Is Bound by Laws and Regulations

Surveys must adhere to strict rules put into place by state law to be considered legal documents admissible in court cases. In addition, surveyors are bound by the Code of Ethics. This means that they must conduct surveys according to accepted industry standards and use proper instruments when doing their work.

In addition, all state laws regarding surveying should be followed during a survey so as not to cause problems later on down the line. For instance, if you own property in an area that is being re-zoned for a different use, your land survey might be considered invalid if it was conducted before the zoning change.

Land Surveying Can Be Time Consuming and Expensive

Surveys can take up to several weeks or even months to complete, depending on how large an area needs to be surveyed. This time includes things like researching the history of any structures on your property and evaluating records, as well as time spent walking all over a large area.

Also, the cost varies depending upon how much work needs to be done for each survey. However, there are state laws in place that can help protect you from unreasonable costs, since most states require land surveyors to adhere to a maximum fee schedule.

You Can Not Dictate The Surveying Process

The land surveying process is highly regulated, and you cannot control the amount of time it takes. For instance, if your property has many obstacles like trees or large artificial structures that need to be documented on a survey plat before boundaries can be determined, this slows down the whole process significantly.

Also, it would be best if you did not try to change the course of a survey. For example, if you feel that you should survey a certain part of your property to get the most accurate information possible, it is best not to send surveyors back out there several times. This will cause problems and further delays since they must document each new visit on the final land survey plat.

There are Different Kinds of Land Surveyors

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Land surveyors are divided into two separate categories in terms of what they can do. On one side, you have private land surveyors, who mainly work for an individual or company that needs their property surveyed. On the other hand, professional land surveyors usually only do surveys on public lands and parks when it comes to things like right of way or subdivisions.

When hiring a land surveyor, it is essential to know which kind you are hiring and what they can do for you. This will help ensure that everyone is working toward the same goals throughout the entire land surveying process. Hiring the right surveyor ensures that you will receive the best possible service and land survey results.

In conclusion, land surveying is a profession that requires a high degree of knowledge and experience. It can be time-consuming and expensive, but it does not have to be challenging to do your research before hiring someone for the job. If you want to conduct land surveying on your property, you should consider hiring a professional land surveyor to avoid any problems or delays in the future.





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