Ipswich Green Team recognized by state officials

IPSWICH — On Friday, July 23, the Ipswich Middle and High School Green Team was recognized for their “UseOne” campaign. The team was recognized by Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretary Kathleen Theoharides.

The Green Team was one of 22 programs across Massachusetts that received the 26th Annual Secretary’s Award for Excellence in Energy and Environmental Communication. 14 of the 22 recognized programs were public schools, two were private schools, and six were non-profit partner organizations.

The award recognizes educators, both formal and informal, for their excellence in energy and environmental communication. The award provides an opportunity for the state and local groups to share the importance of integrating environmental education into school curriculums across Massachusetts.

Public and private schools are eligible for $5,000 in funding for energy and environmental education in school systems.

Applications were reviewed by the Secretary’s Advisory Group on Energy and Environmental Education (SAGEE). Based on the program’s application, groups also received individual awards of $250 to $350.

The awards have been funded by the Massachusetts Environmental Trust (MET) since 2008, through the sales of specialized license plates featuring striped bass, right whale and roseate terns, and a leaping brook trout.

“Fostering a learning environment that not only engages today’s youth but also prepares them to address the issues impacting the world, such as climate change, is a critical priority for our administration,” Gov. Charlie Baker said.

“By getting students interested in the environment and energy sectors now, we are building tomorrow’s leaders and better preparing them to tackle the critical environmental challenges facing our state,” Theoharides said.

Visit www.sustainableipswich.org to learn more about the Ipswich Green Team’s efforts.