How to know if you need an attorney to handle your slip and fall injury case

After getting involved in a slip and fall accident, you will most likely ask yourself so many questions especially if you suffer serious injuries. You’ll ask yourself whether you need an injury attorney, whether you’ll receive any compensation, and whether you should sue the person who caused the accident. It’s normal to worry if you’ll ever go back to work, whether you shall ever recover fully, and to be anxious about life after recovery.

One of the questions that have a sure answer is the one on whether you need an injury lawyer. An injury attorney can help you pursue your case as you take time off to recover. He/she will fight for your compensation and help you prove fault. There’s more an injury lawyer can do for you. This is how to know if you need an attorney to handle your slip and fall injury case:

Who Is Responsible for the Accident?

A personal injury claim can only be legitimate if you can prove that another person caused the accident. Therefore, if you are at work and you fall because the employer did not revamp the staircase accordingly you can sue them for negligence.  In this case, based on the legal advice at, you should immediately contact a slip and fall attorney.  These accidents can leave you severely hurt and burden you with huge medical experiences.

Your attorney can help you seek fair compensation for all the damages you shall suffer as a result of the accident. Also note that in many accidents, more than two parties may be involved. They’ll have to share the liability. You may not understand how to determine the percentage of liabilities but your injury lawyer can. The lawyer can identify all the parties that you should hold accountable and help you get compensation from each of them.

How Severe Are Your Injuries?

You can slip and fall as you mop your tiled floor or while at your nearest cereal shop. Such a minor case may only cause you some bruises, or scrapes. When these common occurrences happen, most people simply get over them without even requiring to use any medication. A few home remedies like cleaning and dressing the wound with some antiseptics help most people overcome these major effects of slips and falls.

Unfortunately, when you slip and fall onto a rigid surface you can break your bones and experience some serious concussions. Remember that even a small rear-end accident can affect your soft tissues. It can hurt your spine or neck internally. Simultaneously, if a slip and fall accident cuts short your employment, forces you to seek extended medical care services, or reduces your income streaming you need an injury attorney.

Likewise, should a slip and fall accident cause you a spinal cord injury, you must get an injury lawyer to help you recover medical costs. Should you suffer traumas, brain injuries, or amputations, you’ll need a personal injury lawyer to help you get compensation. Get an experienced injury lawyer who has handled similar situations like yours before. Besides advocating for your adequate compensation, such an attorney can help you understand how the claims process works and increase your chances of winning the case.

Your lawyer can also estimate the actual amount of compensation you can get based on the injuries’ severity. Remember that the greater the harm you will have suffered, the more money you should receive. Consequently, the insurance companies involved will be hesitant to give out such huge amounts of money.

They are profit-making entities anyway and they strive to avoid losing money by all means possible. An experienced attorney knows how to handle them better. The lawyer will represent your interests and fight for your rights to the end of the case.

Have You Communicated With the Liable Party?

It’s common for many slip and fall accident victims to assume that because they have communicated with the insurance companies responsible, they do not need injury attorneys. Unfortunately, this procedure is wrong. After an accident, you should reach out to an injury attorney before contacting the liable party. Your lawyer can contact these parties and converse with them on legal grounds.

Insurance companies can use your conversations against you. Subsequently, they can compromise your claim or reduce your compensation amount. You may even accept fault as you communicate and this was you shall be to blame. The attorney can help you get adequate compensation even when the insurer isn’t willing to negotiate. Your lawyer can represent you in court and defend your rights.


You need a personal injury attorney if you have suffered serious injuries from a slip and fall accident. An injury lawyer is also a must-have while you reach out to negotiate with the liable parties and insurance companies. You must involve an injury lawyer if your slip and fall accident is a result of another person’s negligence. The lawyer can help you prove liability which is what you need to be compensated for.





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