Effective HVAC maintenance tips from the pros

How do you take care of your HVAC system? Like your automobile, your HVAC system will require regular maintenance to perform better and also last long. Other than the scheduled maintenance services by experts, there are some basic maintenance routines you need to undertake to keep your equipment going. The reasons for carrying out preventative HVAC maintenance are to ensure that your system runs with top efficiency with zero or fewer breakdowns. Also, since it’s among the most expensive items in your home, you need to take care of it to protect its value. Which are some of the HVAC maintenance tips? If you have the equipment at your home and looking for ways to maintain it, the below methods might be of great help.

1.  Replace the Air Filter

Your HVAC system has an air filter that helps to purify the air you get in your house. While your HVAC is functioning, the air filter traps dirt and other components present in the air. This situation makes them dirty and clogged. Most HVAC systems come with an easy-to-change air filter, which you can do on your own. Experts recommend changing the filters from 30 to 90 days, depending on your location and make of the device. However, other factors might make you change the air filter often. Such factors include:

  • Living with pets in your house.
  • Living in areas with flowering vegetation.
  • Living in a dusty place.

Ensure changing your HVAC system air filter regularly to make the equipment work efficiently and improve the air quality in your home.

2.  Clean the Vents

Your HVAC system has vents around it, enabling it to get air in and out of the house. With constant use, the air vents get dirty and clogged. This situation is rampant if living in polluted areas. To ensure that the dirt and dust don’t affect the airflow, you should regularly clean the HVAC vents. Besides this, you have to check on the device airflow to ensure that it doesn’t become weak, caused by the vents clogging. In case you notice inadequate airflow, try cleaning the ducts and blowing off dust from them. When this trick doesn’t solve the situation, you should contact your HVAC technician immediately to have the machine checked and the problem solved. A clogged HVAC system tends to lose its efficiency and compromises the home’s air quality. 

3.  Schedule an Annual Maintenance Plan

One way of maintaining your HVAC system is by having an annual maintenance plan of your system. This maintenance plan is meant to boost your regular efforts of maintaining your HVAC system, and it involves contracting experts to have a deeper checkup and maintenance of your HVAC system. While most homeowners usually ignore this, having an annual maintenance plan for your equipment can save at least 95% repair costs. The reason is that the experts can find and solve situations before they become worse on your HVAC system. This maintenance schedule combined with your regular check will make your equipment work efficiently and last for longer. 

4.  Clean the Unit’s Exterior

It would be best to clean your equipment to ensure that it remains clean, free from dust and other particles which might damage it or reduce its lifespan. Cleaning should be done both to the outdoor and indoor units and regularly carried out in dusty places. You have to ensure that your unit is free from debris, leaves, twigs, birds dropping, and other dirt particles. You also have to ensure that the outdoor component isn’t approached by grass or tree branches since this will limit its performance. You can wipe the equipment with a wet cloth or use a little garden spray to remove any stuck particles.

Not cleaning your equipment as required has many disadvantages, including regularly making the air filter dirty and reducing the equipment’s life span.

5.  Schedule a Ductwork Inspection

Besides having the experts the equipment annually, you also need to have the HVAC ductwork inspected. The ductwork comprises pipes that connect the outside and the inside unit, including the pipe that discharges the condensation and with time, the ductwork can accumulate debris or other particles which might block it. When the ductwork is blocked, your equipment won’t work efficiently and might weaken out. Clogged ducts also provide a conducive environment for mold, insects, and dust in your HVAC system. Ensure that the vents are cleaned at least once per year to ensure your equipment works well and improves your home’s air quality

The majority of HVAC repairs are caused by poor maintenance of the equipment. To avoid such repairs and keep your equipment working efficiently, it is essential to carry the above and many other maintenance procedures. Ensure you contact experts to maintain and change some parts to ensure your equipment runs efficiently.






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