Letter: More tax increases are putting the squeeze on seniors and working families

By Phil Goguen

Seniors, an increase in tax is like a pay cut from Social Security. Struggling working families, can you stand another pay cut?

Every tax raise, is like a cut in especially for folks on fixed incomes.

Heads up. Your real estate taxes are going to get a big hit. It starts with an automatic 2½ percent — then plus + plus.

Towns keep running out of money, and throw logic out the window and turn to taxpayers to bail them out, year after year with no growth in town.

Town management continues to mortgage the future of citizens and kids. Same as they said 30 to 40 years ago, this is that future now.

Kick the can, the policy of choice. Flat out denial from fiscal discipline and continue deficit spending.

It’s absolute hogwash that tax increases won’t hurt working families and seniors on limited income.

All of this happens while the wage gap widens and folks are working harder to keep up paycheck to paycheck with income inequality.

Town management is in total denial of the consequences being heaped upon the home owners and families.

Town officials act like anything contrary to their agenda must be negative. It’s the choir talking to the choir, how could citizens disagree if they aren’t told in a format that reaches them.

They certainly communicate with them for billing and fees.

The town simply can not sustain the path they are on, or even acknowledge the predicament they are continuing to pile it on the taxpayers.

Do you realize that your taxes could go up $400 to $800 or more without other projects in the pipeline. The scary part is what citizens are not being told.

OK, so what can you do about “your” town and taxes?

Plan to go to town meeting and say no to new and all expenditures.

Tell them to cut expenses just like you and your employer have had to do without.

The town will get by, tightening and shifting moneys around departments and will have a bundle of “free cash” left over at end of year (over 10 million in 10 years).

Management could run a skinny budget and feel the pinch just like citizens. Why should they be different?

Ask to see a full disclosure budget — before town meeting — so you could do the math.

If your taxes are paying for something you should know about it, get answers and not be treated like you’re intruding. Vote no to all new expenditures, and let selectmen know here: selectmen@ipswich@ipswich-ma.gov.