Court Summons for Man Accused of Egg Theft

ROWLEY — Police have said they are set to summons a Lynn man for the theft of eggs and money from Wren’s Hens.

Chief Scott Dumas said the Rowley Police Department will issue a summons to the unnamed Lynn man.

The man is 35 and will be summonsed for larceny under $250, Dumas said.

On Friday, July 7, at around 5:10 p.m., Rowley police responded to Central Street for a report of a theft.

A preliminary investigation revealed that the man allegedly stole four dozen eggs and a small amount of cash from the girl’s roadside stand.

The three-year-old girl was running the stand with her mother.

“After further investigation, which was led by reserve officer Gavin Forni, Rowley police on Wednesday identified the suspect involved and will summons him for the theft,” Dumas said.

“This is an extremely shameful act exacerbated by the fact that the victim was a child,” he added.

“I am very pleased with the outcome of the investigation and I’m proud of the work done by the officers involved.”

No Honor With Thief Who Cleaned Out Roadside Egg Stand