Last week’s cartoon, this week

To celebrate today's return to school, here is a cartoon from Ed Colley.

Outsidah: Goats to Go becomes Kids to Go

Goats to Go is great if your yard is overgrown. But Kids to Go are needed if old people need help with computers.

Column: It’s the humidity, stupid

Using his advanced understanding of science,The Outsidah determines that humidity is literally lethal.

This week’s cartoon

This week's cartoon tackles the ongoing drought
ipswich statues

Column: Statues of limitations

Bob Waite notes that Ipswich has no statues celebrating famous people. He wonders who would make the cut.

Column: The Harvest

Greenheads can now be kept alive year round and shared with China due to an ingenious scientist and gene splicing.

The Outsidah: Sign of the end time

The Outsidah got his Medicare card and he isn't sure how he feels about it.

Ed Colley cartoon: 40B

Cartoon deals with 40Bs and the availability of affordable housing

Column: Ipswich’s Apostrophe Apoplexy

Bob Waite tackles the thorny issue of whether Cranes Beach gets an apostrophe or not

Ed Colley cartoon

This week's Ed Colley cartoon follows on from Lillian Eden's report last week about dentists reopening.

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Expect more fun at Ipswich Illumination tonight

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Ipswich Middle School: “where chaos and violence flourish”

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