Letter: Terror by misinformation

Dan Boone thought Bill Sargent's opinion piece on the source of COVID-19 encourages more rumors and misinformation.

Column: Take back your mink

Looking at Denmark's decision to cull its captive mink population, Bill Sargent wonders if animal research was the source of COVID-19.

Running with bluebirds: Hear them all around town

Bluebirds can be heard all around town.

Running with birds: Loons winter home

Smile to yourself and keep going. You are in the pleasant company of loons.

Library to host virtual birds of prey Saturday

Registration required. Two shows and two live Q&As on tap for Saturday morning courtesy of the Ipswich Public Library.

Middle schooler places 4th

Sixth grader traveled to horse show in Oklahoma to compete in national and world championships.

Running with flocks and lines of birds

Rebecca Pugh notes that birds are getting ready for their long trips south for more hospitable weather

Hagfish Day’s papers, Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2020

With no jaws, no bones and no scales, this deep-sea fish is a bottom feeder. It enters carcasses through their mouths or bottoms (see what we did there?) and eats out from the inside.

Hello, you

New duck took a shine to first graders visiting the farm

Leave the leaves: The case for not raking your garden this fall

Catherine Carney-Feldman says fallen leaves provide a valuable resource to plants and animals over the winter period.

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Planners turn to affordable housing

Early days yet, but planning board has started tossing around ideas on how to revamp affordable housing payments.
FS Roberts & Son, Rowley MA

Betty Duval obituary

Betty J. (Floyd) Duval, 84, of Newburyport Turnpike, Rowley, passed away on Saturday, November 28, 2020.

Letter: Water letter had many inaccuracies

Vicki Halmen and Tony Marino respond to a letter that they say had many inaccuracies about the town's water situation.