Letter: Thanks for getting rid of moths

Bruce Conrad is glad to see the invasive pest is no longer ruining his blueberry bushes.

Farmstead trails to open at Appleton Farms on June 11

Appleton Farms farmstead trails back open to public June 11.

Running with great crested flycatchers

Rebecca Pugh notes we are at the tail end of Black Birding Week and draws lessons from the Christian Cooper incident in New York City.
sargent horseshoe crabs

Bill Sargent: The life you save may be your own!

Bill Sargent outlines the importance of horseshoe crabs to science and how they can be use in medical research to cure COVID-19.

Running with birds: Glossy Ibis

Rebecca Pugh talks about the glossy ibis which can be seen foraging for food in the marshes
irwa net zero

Column: Back to the future for the Ipswich River?

Bob Waite looks at options facing the Ipswich River and how it can remain healthy

Running with song sparrows

Rebecca Pugh notes song sparrows have regional accents

Hello, you

Name that dove!
appleton farm cows

Unleash the cows of winter

Cows in high spirits as they are released after a long winter cooped up inside

Hello, you

Tom was one of a rafter of turkey foraging in the fields.

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Disobedience Day’s papers, Friday, July 3

Wear a mask or join George Washington? Figuring that one out is above our pay grade.

Column: Diving in a Covid World

Bill Sargent goes for a dive and finds himself back 450 million years