Christmas Bazaar features usual gifts that help local non-profits

Honors Youth Choir of Chorus North Shore and items from the Chikumbuso store (courtesy images)

IPSWICH – A fair this weekend has teed up an easy way to help out local non-profits.

The Christmas Bazaar will host 10 groups selling wares that will ultimately help the less fortunate, from the North Shore to Africa and Belarus.

Dubbed the “Season of Giving” Christmas Bazaar, it will feature “unique crafts made locally by these nonprofits, as well as handmade crafts from Africa, Peru, Guatemala, and Haiti,” organizers said.

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The charities taking part are listed below.

There will also be a food drive for The Open Door, where shoppers are encouraged to bring in a food donation and will get a free raffle ticket in return.

Items most needed are peanut butter, canned tuna, and hearty soups.

This festive event also includes church crafts, gift baskets, a silent auction, decorated tree raffles, the ever-popular White Elephant, the upscale Boutique Elephant, a bake sale, a cookie walk, and lunch.

The bazaar is on Saturday, December 7, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Ascension Memorial Church, County Street, Ipswich.

Action, Inc.
Action Inc. is about helping people and changing lives. It is dedicated to empowering people and building a stronger, more productive community. It offers affordable housing and homelessness prevention, fuel assistance and energy conservation programs, and education and job training.

African Team Ministries
African Team Ministries is a Christian ministry working as an intermediary between African and American churches. It provides funding for orphan and refugee relief missions and evangelism in East Africa.

Birth to Three
The mission of the Birth to Three Family Center (B23) is to increase children’s potential for healthy development and well-being. B23 ensures all families with young children have access in their community to high-quality, accurate, and readily available information; strength-based family education and early literacy activities; and other services.

Chikumbuso, a grassroots project located in Ng’ombe compound, provides free education for children, adult training and capacity building through micro-enterprise opportunities, youth life skills training, and outreach to the elderly. Its artists earn a living making beautiful, handcrafted fashion products for sale both locally and internationally.

Honors Youth Choir of Chorus North Shore
Giving students all along the North Shore a love and passion for music is a crucial part of Chorus North Shore’s mission. Out of this mission-driven effort came the premiere children’s choir of the area north of Boston: the Honors Youth Choir of Chorus North Shore (HYC).

Ipswich River Watershed Association
The Ipswich River Watershed Association is the voice of the Ipswich River.  It works to protect nature and make sure that there is enough clean water for people, fish, and wildlife, today and for future generations.

New Thing
New Thing was established by Doug and Kristina Brendel in 2002 to help people in need in the Republic of Belarus. A small team of Belarusian workers devote themselves to bringing about 200 tons of donated food and goods into Belarus each year and distributing this aid to orphans, foster families, the homeless, hospital patients, and people with disabilities.

Partners in Development
Partners in Development, Inc. (PID) was founded in 1990 by James and Gale Hull of Ipswich to educate and promote economic advancement in the developing world. Over many decades, PID’s approach to addressing poverty and its multiple causes has evolved into what today is its Whole Life Transformation Model.

The Open Door
The mission of The Open Door is to alleviate the impact of hunger in the community. It uses practical strategies to connect people to good food, to advocate on behalf of those in need, and to engage others in the work of building food security.

Three Sisters Garden Project
The Three Sisters Garden Project is a collaborative effort that brings together a wide range of community groups to nurture sustainable local food systems that connect us to the land and to each other. The mission of The Three Sisters Garden Project is to donate local produce to families in need in our community.