Hello, you. Falcon moves in downtown

hawk downtown ipswich

A bird of prey has taken up residence on North Main Street.

He — or she — has been resting on a ledge above the third floor at the old Colonial Building, or number 22.

She (or he) has been there for a few weeks, as the sidewalk below can attest.

The bird also appeared to have disgorged a pellet, but it would take someone braver than us to pick it up and examine it.

After the article was posted, local resident Kelly Fitz said, “He or she has been right next to my window for a couple months [and] also hangs out across the street at the church steeple!”

“My cats hear it eating its kill. They sit near window going crazy,” she said.

If anyone knows more about the breed, email news@thelcoalne.ws. The bird appears to be a peregrine falcon, but other readers have said it looks like a sparrow hawk or Cooper’s hawk.

hawk downtown ipswich
Possible pellet below the hawk’s abode
ipswich downtown hawk
Home sweet home. Hawk has been living downtown for a few weeks
ipswich hawk downtown
One-bed, one-bath hawk residence