Ipswich police and fire log Feb. 19 – Feb. 26

ipswich fire engine

Monday, Feb. 19

6:57 Medical aid, High Street
7:11 Motor vehicle (MV) stop, near Strawberry Hill, Jeffreys Neck Road
11:18 Fire alarm, Linden Street
13:52 Fire department assist to public, High Street
15:25 Fire department assist, Crestwood Road
15:42 Medical aid, Avery Street
16:57 Medical aid, Leblanc Drive
20:02 Medical aid, Caroline Avenue

Tuesday, Feb. 20

6:31 MV stop, County Road
6:56 MV stop, Green and County streets
9:44 MV complaint, Estes Street
10:54 Larceny/forgery/fraud, Masconomet Road
11:43 Disturbance, Mitchell Road
12:10 MV hit and run, Cumberland Farms, Turunpike Road (Route 1)
13:51 Medical aid, Lahey Clinic, Essex Road
15:21 Check well being, Ipswich Electric Department, High Street
15:23 Medical aid, County Road
16:50 Assist citizen, Randall Road
17:12 MV stop, Linebrook Road
18:59 Disturbance, Whittier Motel, County Road
20:14 MV complaint, Topsfield Road

Rowley woman seriously injured in N.H. snowmobile crash

Wednesday, Feb. 21

3:34 Medical aid, Fellows Road
5:27 Fire department called out, near Lord Square, High Street
10:27 Fire department called out, Beachview Road
12:29 Suspicious incident, Argilla Road
13:57 Animal complaint, Essex and Heartbreak roads
14:15 Bad check, Bently Warren Trucking, Turnpike Road
15:12 Suspicious person, Oak Hill Apartments, Central Street
16:42 MV stop, Mile Lane and Linebrook Road
19:35 Request for drugs recognition expertise from Gloucester P.D.
23:13 Medical aid, Clark Road

Thursday, Feb. 22

2:31 Escort/transport, Essex County Correctional Facility, Middleton
3:42 Medical aid, Labor in Vain Road
11:34 Medical aid, Boxford Road
14:08 Fire department assist, County Road
14:28 Animal complaint, area of 94 County Road
16:48 MV stop, Argilla Road
16:52 Medical aid, Southern Manor
17:06 MV stop, South Main Street
17:21 Assist citizen, Maple Avenue
20:39 Suspicious activity, Avery Street

Friday, Feb. 23

0:09 Medical aid, Hood Farm Road
0:25 Asist Rowley P.D., Newburyport Turnpike (Route 1)
8:58 Medical aid, Whipple Annex Housing, Green Street
13:16 MV stop, Linebrook Road and Edge Street
14:26 Medical aid, Caroline Avenue
14:36 Medical aid, Turnpike Road
17:06 Fire alarm, Country Club Way
17:12 MV stop, High Street
17:21 MV stop, East and Hovey streets
18:31 Medical aid, High Street
19:29 MV complaint, County Road
20:58 MV stop, East Street
21:16 Medical aid, Plover Hill Road
21:56 Medical aid, Warner Road

Wenham man hospitalized after Rowley crash

Saturday, Feb. 24

6:30 Medical aid, Residence at Riverbend, County Road
6:59 MV stop, near Arvo’s Gulf, Topsfield Road
10:30 MV complaint, Estes Street
13:17 Escort/transport, Middleton jail
15:31 Harassment, Dartmouth Road
16:10 Medical aid, James Road
17:04 MV stop, near DPW, County Road
17:22 MV stop, Aubuchon Hardware, County Road
17:31 MV stop, near the library, North Main Street
17:37 MV stop, County Street
17:53 MV stop, Linebrook Road and Bull Brook Lane
18:20 MV stop, Linebrook Road and Bull Brook Lane
18:29 MV stop, Linebrook Road and Bull Brook Lane
18:45 MV stop, Linebrook Road and Bull Brook Lane
18:55 MV stop, Linebrook Road and Bull Brook Lane
19:06 MV stop, Linebrook Road and Bull Brook Lane
19:17 Assist citizen, High Street
19:22 Medical aid, County Road
19:44 MV stop, near 162 Linebrook Road
20:59 MV stop, MV stop, Linebrook and Plains roads

Sunday, Feb. 25

0:03 Medical aid, Residence at Riverbend
0:55 MV check, Little Neck
2:24 Suspicious activity, Cumberland Farms, Central Street
2:50 Disturbance, Southern Heights and County Road
3:06 Escort/transport, Southern Heights
16:53 Assist at Sagamore Road
17:32 MV stop, near DPW, County Road
18:29 Assist citizen, Whittier Motel, County Road
19:03 Medical aid, Ipswich Woods Drive
19:53 Suspicious vehicle, Appleton Park
21:08 MV stop, Manning Street
21:42 MV stop, just over Rowley Line, Route 1
21:50 Meddical aid, High Street
23:27 Medical aid, Linebrook Road