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While Cheerleaders Practice For Nationals, Organizers Make One Last Push To Pay For Trip

With the national finals just 10 days away in Florida, the Ipswich Youth Cheerleaders make a last push to complete fundraising

Hit And Run At Picnic Leads To One Arrest

One man was arrested Saturday shortly after a hit and run just as the Polish Picnic was winding up.

Newburyport Residents Get Their Very Own Police Sergeant

A new police initiative kicks off today that assigns a liaison sergeant to each ward in the city as a contact point for residents.

Ipswich Thanketh Thee

Turkeys, police, the ability to dodge potholes, and the lack of entanglements with the building inspector all cause The Outsidah's to give thanks this time of year

Neither Wind Nor Snow Kept This Team From Competing In Florida

Despite a blizzard delaying their flight for over a day, then competing on four hours' sleep, the Ipswich Varsity Cheerleading squad finished fourth in the nationals.